Not Just Tattoos

Tattooing is something that we do, but we love to support our community and give back.

Nokomis Tattoo believes in being a full part of the community and giving back. We host blood drives, pet rescue events and support other community events. We not only try to give back to the area by being involved in community based projects, but we have committed to donate 5% of our profits to charity as well.

We believe in being thankful for the opportunity to tattoo the locals and beyond, because of that we put a portion of all profits back into the community. Each month we pick two groups to donate to.

Giving Back To The Proper Channels

We also feel strongly about giving to non partisan groups. Just as our clientele, staff, and neighborhood is diverse, we want to make sure we give to groups and programs that want to better everyone not just a chosen few because of their political affiliation.

When you visit the shop you can see our plaque in the lobby that shows who we’ve donated to.

You can also keep up with these by reading our blog.

Community Is Everything

We Have An Event Space Behind Nokomis Tattoo That We Let The Community Use

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Nokomis Tattoo Shop - Minneapolis Minnesota
Nokomis East Mural

We are proud to say we’re the first shop in Minneapolis to go completely paperless on our release forms. This was a sound environmental and economic business decision.

Things we are super close to:

MSP Airport

Nokomis Tattoo is only a mile away from the MSP airport. Take the Blue Line Light Rail Train to the 46th station and walk 7 short blocks to the shop.

Mall of America

We are the closest walk in tattoo shop to the Mall Of America, only 4 miles North. Take the Blue Line Light Rail Train to the 46th station and walk 7 short blocks to the shop.

Neighborhood restaurants and shops

If you have time before or after your tattoo there’s plenty of awesome things to do in our neighborhood. The Minnehaha Falls and Lake Nokomis are both just a few blocks away. We have many restaurants in Nokomis East, but our favorites are Bull’s Horn, Town Hall Lanes, Dominguez, Grande Sunrise. We also have a bunch of locally owned stores and businesses to stop into such as The Work Shop, Replace Design, McDonalds Liquor, Venn Brewing, Barber shops, Nokomis Shoes. All of these are within walking distance of the shop, and we strongly encourage checking them out on your next visit to Nokomis Tattoo.

Lots of public transportation options:

The Blue Line Light Rail- 46th Street Station

Get off at the 46th street station. Walk 2 short blocks west until you come to 34th Ave. Turn left and walk another short 4 blocks South. We are on the left side of the street across from U.S. bank.

Metro Transit Bus

The 7 Bus stops right in front of the shop and the 22 stops only a few blocks West of us.


We have a parking lot behind our building, but there is also plenty of parking on 34th Ave.

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